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 Why Choose Natural Products for Cosmetics, Makeup and Skin Care?

I’ve always had a passing interest in natural skin care products. However, about 5 years ago I started to research the chemicals and ingredients that are found in makeup and cosmetics. I discovered that skincare creams and cosmetics contained ingredients that are dangerous both for the skin and for health in general. I had never realised that, and so I started to research this further. I was quite shocked to find out that many of the ingredients in MY cosmetic and skincare products contained toxic and cancerogenic ingredients!

As the result of this, I realised and decided that I have 2 choices: I can just ignore what I now know and hope for the best – continuing to use the same makeup and cosmetics as before. Or I could look for products that were vegetable based, non-toxic and would actually benefit my skin.

I decided to use only natural cosmetics and I don’t regret for one minute that I did so. Now I know what I put on my skin and I have been bothered less with skin problems since making the change.

 My Research Results

The information that I found in my research really surprised me. I don’t want to go into all the details of every dangerous and toxic ingredient, but I will mention just one – mineral oil.  This can be found in almost all skincare creams. It is used to make the skin softer and hold in the moisture. Mineral oil really does this effectively. But mineral oil holds in not just moisture but also CO2 and toxins. Mineral oil also put a protective layer over the skin and doesn’t allow the necessary oxygen to get to the skin. When the skin can’t breathe properly – that is when oxygen can’t get to the skin and toxins are trapped, the results are that the skin becomes unhealthy and many skin problems start. That is why many women who use creams containing mineral oil have spots and pimples. If you do some research on the Internet you also will be able to find much more information in other ways how mineral oil damages the skin.

There are other ingredients used in cosmetics which are totally unnecessary and consequences of them range from allergies to very serious skin problems.

More Reasons To Go Organic

Of course some may say that the amount we put on our skin is minimal, and that of course is true. But think about this: how many years to we regularly put cream on our faces and hands? Why should we be spending our money on something that isn’t giving us any benefit and can even damage our skin?

Cost of Organic Skin Care

Another question that I had to consider was the cost. Natural makeup is often, but not always, more expensive. Also skin care products that are natural used to be very much more expensive. My solution was that I started to make some natural skin care products myself. For example, it’s easy to very quickly make facial scrubs, skin toners, shaving oils and hair rinses. To do this take only a few minutes and a little bit of determination. Most of the ingredients you might actually have at home.

Why You Should Choose Natural Makeup

Cosmetics, makeup and skin care products which are natural and organic are great alternatives to traditional cosmetics and using only natural cosmetics really does help to be beautiful without any side-effects, and it’s a great addition to a healthy lifestyle.

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