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Acne is a common skin complaint which affects many teenagers and adults. Organic and natural skin remedies can help relieve the symptoms of acne and problem skin.
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Why Choose Natural Cosmetics?

Some years ago I began to do some in depth research on the chemicals and ingredients that are found in make-up and cosmetics. I discovered that skincare creams and cosmetics contained ingredients that are dangerous for the skin and health in general. I had never realised that, and thus I began to analyse this. I was very shocked to learn that a lot of the ingredients in MY cosmetics and skincare product contained toxic and carcinogenic ingredients!

As the results of this, I realised that I actually have two choices: I will simply ignore what I currently know and hope for the best outcome – continuing to use the same type of make-up and cosmetics as before. Or I might rummage around for natural cosmetics and organic cosmetics that were vegetable based mostly, non-toxic and would truly profit my skin.

I decided to use solely natural cosmetics and that I don’t regret for one minute that I did that. Now I really do know what I place on my skin and I’m less bothered with skin issues since making the switch.

Natural Cosmetics Research Results

The information that I found in my analysis very stunned me. I don’t need to go into into all the main points of each dangerous and toxic ingredient; however I’ll mention only one – mineral oil. This may be found in most skincare creams. It’s used to make the skin softer and hold within the moisture. Mineral oil very effectively will do this. However mineral oil holds in not simply moisture but also CO2 and toxins. Mineral oil additionally places a protecting layer over the skin and doesn’t permit the required oxygen to get to the skin. When the skin can’t breathe properly – that’s when oxygen can’t get to the skin and therefore trapping the toxins, the results are that the skin becomes unhealthy and then skin issues begin. That’s why many ladies who use creams containing mineral oil have spots and pimples. If you are doing some analysis on the Internet you will see that there are many other ways in which mineral oil damages the skin. So for me natural cosmetics were the answer.

There are alternative ingredients employed in cosmetics that are totally unnecessary and therefore the consequences of them vary from allergies to terribly serious skin issues.

Of course some might say that the quantity and frequency of cosmetics that we put on our skin is minimal, which after all is true. However think about this: we are exposed to much more pollutants in the air than 30 or 40 years ago. Also, think about the number of year we frequently put cream on our faces and hands? Did you think about the fact that the actual cream to moisturise could also be the cause of your dry skin? So, why spending your cash on something that isn’t benefiting you and could even be harming your skin?

Another question that I had to think about was the price. Natural cosmetics are commonly, however not always, costlier. My resolution was that I began to create some natural skincare product myself. As an example, it’s straightforward to terribly quickly create natural facial scrubs, skin toners, shaving oils, and a hair rinse. To try and do this solely takes many minutes and a trifle little bit of determination. Most of the ingredients you would possibly even have at home.

Why Choose Natural Cosmetics

Natural cosmetics and skincare could be a nice different and very will facilitate to be lovely with none side-effects, and it’s an excellent addition to a healthy lifestyle.