How Organic Is Your Foundation?

Your face is the part of you that most people will notice first, so using a natural foundation is essential to any skin care regime, but you will want to buy the best in your price range. Your skin is the single most important part of your natural and individual beauty. That’s why so many women spend hours searching for, and experimenting for the perfect foundation, makeup products, skin care creams and cosmetics for their skin. There are a lot of great products out there for your skin’s look and feel but there are just as much, if not more that don’t bring out it’s natural beauty. The best natural foundations will achieve two things.

First of all: They will make your skin look flawless, yet natural, and they will be healthy for your skin. This means that the pores have to breathe and natural foundation will never cause or aggravate breakouts or bothering sensitive skin.

organic skincare

The second important aspect of a great natural foundation is that the color should match your skin tone.

Whether you have a fair complexion, tend to have ruddy red tones, or have an olive complexion there is a foundation shade that is perfectly complementary to your skin tone. Even if you have a lot of blemishes or freckles you will be able to find foundation that will complement your natural beauty. Many makeup artists will even blend a couple of different shades to achieve the perfect natural foundation tone that complements a woman’s features and bring out her true beauty.

You must choose the right foundation for your skin type as well. For example, if you tend to have oily skin – don’t choose a skin foundation that is geared toward aging skin. It may contain additional mineral oils that will aggravate oily skin further. On the other hand, if you have aging, dry skin then don’t choose a foundation that is geared for oily or acne prone skin. You may experience a chalky look that dries the skin out too much and settles in the natural lines of the skin, making you appear older and less radiant. Remember you want to enhance your appearance and beauty, not hide under a mask.

There are many great products out there that contain 100% natural ingredients.

natural makeup

Purchase this top class foundation which only has natural ingredients. Thishas a matte look and is great for heavier daily coverage. It’s also great for weddings, evening, photo shoots etc.

So how can you get the best, most natural and lasting finish when applying your foundation? Some women prefer to apply foundation with their fingers. This isn’t recommended since you tend to over do it. It’s best to use either a high quality foundation brush. When used correctly the result is an excellent, clean finish when used in combination with a high quality, natural looking foundation.

You have to see what works best for you. Many still prefer a sponge because it’s less of a hassle and easier to pack for trips. If you’ve got some special event then the brush is great because you can get the most coverage you need. If you do choose to use a sponge, use one that is not porous and won’t soak up all your product. Try wetting the sponge a bit before you put the product on, this creates a more natural finish, and it also helps keep your sponge for eating all your liquid. A brush may get a little more in depth coverage, as it can help cover up large pores a bit more and also may help cover blemished or unevenly colored areas of skin a little more effectively.

All in all, you need to find the best natural foundation for your skin type. You want that flawless, baby soft look that makes your skin stand out and get attention.

After reading this you will no doubt be wanting to buy some. At LoveLula you will find top class natural foundation. This link will take you to their mineral foundation makeup page. Start using natural products on your skin and you will notice the difference. With the right natural foundation your natural beauty will stand out, your makeup will look natural and you will have the satisfaction that you are caring for your skin as well. As they say – you know you’re worth it!

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