While researching information on how professionals are making a switch over to natural makeup product I was interested to read that Jessica Alba is really advocating natural makeup and her reasons are very interesting. Certainly something that all moms should be aware of.

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The question that got her thinking was: What baby proofing will we need to do to ensure our house is the safest environment for our new baby?

She was alarmed to learn that in our home and lifestyle we are constantly using potential harmful products – like toxic chemicals in plastics used to make baby bottles, brain toxins in children’s toys, carcinogens in my cleaning products etc.

So of course the logical question is: How could all of these toxic chemicals be used in our consumer products? What is surprising is that it is perfectly legal to use these toxic chemicals in our everyday consumer goods.

Unfortunately when looking for safe baby bottles, toxic-free cleaning products, furniture free of toxic flame-retardants, the choice was limited to the choices I could make.

What can be done?

She has joined the fight for having safer chemicals in our everyday products (Safe Chemicals Act). After all we shouldn’t have to have a chemistry degree to have a safe home. And of course pregnant women shouldn’t have to worry about toxic chemicals being absorbed into our system.

So let’s be careful with what we are putting on ourselves and exposing our children to. Switching over to 100% natural makeup will mean that moms can continue to look beautiful while at the same time caring for their family needs.

If you want to look at the type of 100% natural baby products that can be purchased then please click on this link:


What about this for a great gift for someones baby shower. It’s a baby hamper but only contains 100% natural baby care products. So you can show that you really do care!

It is filled with full-size newborn necessities from Erbaviva, including Organic Baby Oil for moisturizing or infant massage, Diaper Cream, Baby Shampoo, and the unique Baby Washbags, muslin sachets of oatmeal and milk powder to delicately clean newborn skin. The gift set also features a natural sponge, a baby brush, a darling stuffed bear, and a story book. Comes in a beautiful basket handmade in Burma

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