With more and more companies jumping on the ‘natural’, ‘organic’ ‘mineral foundation’ bandwagon it can be confusing to choose makeup and cosmetics that are truly natural. I hope that this list will help you make some informed decisions when it comes to your makeup choice.

organic skincare

Natural makeup is way more expensive than ‘traditional’ makeup.

FALSE. Look at the cost of some of the top cosmetic brands. But what are you actually paying for? Mostly for the advertising. As I discussed in the Top 10 Ingredients To Avoid page lot’s of the top makeup brands are full of cheap ingredients. You really are worth it – so put something chemical free on your skin! Here you can purchase makeup and skincare products that 100% natural and toxin free.

Natural makeup is only for hippies.

False. That’s like saying healthy food is only for children. We are what we eat and our bodies absorb what we put on our skin.

Natural makeup doesn’t last as long.

Not necessarly true. Most ‘top-brand’ makeup will have a shelf life of 1½ to 2 years. That is because many times there are toxic preservatives used in manufacturing. Natural makeup products will have a shelf life of 1 year.

My makeup products are already ‘natural’.

If a product says it “contains organic ingredients” it could be a 99.9% chemical cocktail with 0.01% of an organic extract in it. So it’s good to read the labels carefully. A rule of thumb that many (and I use) is this: the more difficult an ingredient is to pronounce then the more I will try to avoid it.

100% organic makeup will not adversly affect my skin.

It depends on your skin. Of course cosmetic products and makeup which is 100% organic and natural will certainly be much more skin-friendly. But let’s say that you are allergic to aloe vera and your organic makeup is contains 100% aloe vera gel, then it’s probably going to irritate your skin.

If it says fragrance then it’s synthetic.

FALSE. The labeling standard applied to European beauty products require that products with a “scent” be labeled “Fragrance”, “Perfume” or “Parfum”. This applies whether or not that scent is from all natural essential oils, or from synthetic fragrances. So we don’t know.

Natural sunscreens do not protect your skin as well as traditional sunscreens.

FALSE. As long as you follow the directions use the recommend amount (which you should do with any sunscreen product anyway), natural sunscreens will work just as well as chemical sunscreens. As with any sunscreen, if you’re not using the proper amount, they won’t work as well.

Natural sunscreens are too expensive.

You get what you pay for. Natural sunscreens are generally more expensive than drugstore chemical-filled and potentially harmful sunscreens. But, what is we need to remember, is that a good sunscreen is going to be your best anti-aging product. A lot of the aging process can be attributed to UV damage, sunscreen is imperative. (Check out my blog on how to protect your skin). Most people will not hesitate to spend quite a bit of money on a night cream or serum or on a handbag or shoes. Remember: you only have one skin. The logical thing is to take care of it. Sunscreen can help prevent skin cancer AND help prevent the signs of aging.

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